sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Mulher de Malandro

Ela é assim, apanha mas não denuncia porque "Ele é tão bom quando está sóbrio...".
Tá certo que dependendo do lugar e da intensidade, a surra pode sim compensar tudo.

Words Colour Our Behaviour.
Words! They are all around me! I see them. I use them. Harsh words, soothing words, biting words; words that give pain and sorrow; words that give joy and pleasure. They are vital to communication. When words are spoken there are reactions, negative or positive. Either thoughts are triggered or emotions fired or actions performed. Words colour our behaviour. And how lovely it is to hear words that are calm and free from rancour and aggression. To hear words that lift the soul and leave it with renewed vigour. Such words come from always seeing the best in people and situations.